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How to Clean and Prepare Your House to Show in 34 Minutes or Less

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Getting ready to show the house you need or want to sell can be nerve racking if you are not a person who likes

Sell your house now in Georgia

Clean and Prepare your home for Sale

cleaning. If you have let things slide for a few days too many you may need a little help getting started. This important task does not have to be a stressful or time-consuming ordeal. These easy tips will help get the house cleaned the quickest way and without a lot of hassle. The objective is to sell my house fast and sell my house now. This is what I recommend to sell a house fast in Georgia.


·         The first impression a buyer sees is when they drive up. A picked up front yard and a clear path to the front door goes a long way to keep the buyer’s attention.  ( 4 min)


  • Place the dishes in the dishwasher. (5 min)
  • Wipe down counter tops and stove with an all-purpose cleaner. (2 min)
  • Check for smells and spray if needed. (1 min)


  • Have sanitizing wipes under your bathroom sink so you can wipe the countertop before anyone arrives. (2 minutes)
  • Make sure the toilets are flushed and the seat lids are down.  (1 min)


  • Make the beds. Anything on the bed move under the bed for now. (5 minutes)
  • Remove any clutter that is not needed in the bedroom as it will help make the bedroom appear larger and cleaner. (2 minutes)

Living Room:

·         Wipe the tables with a microfiber cloth or other to pick up the dust. (2 minutes)

·         Break out the vacuum to quickly sweep the carpet into a clear, clean pattern. By doing this you’re proving you are a house keeper that also keeps up with the house maintenance. This is the only room to vacuum before the buyers show. (3 minutes)

  • Put up or away all gadgets, DVDs, newspapers, and games that have been left out. (4 minutes)


·         There is probably not enough time to clean up here so at least close the outside door and make sure the prospective buyer can walk into the garage from the inside door. (3 min)


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