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15 Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Buy A Home:

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010
  1. You can get a good deal as prices are the lowest in over a decade.
  2. You’ll get a better home for the same money.
  3. Waiting now will not save you any money, but could cost thousands.
  4. There are more homes to pick from than even last year.
  5. Mortgages are cheap. When was the last time they were under 7 , 6, or 5 %.
  6. You can save on taxes as prices dropped, so did the tax evaluation of the homes.
  7. You get tax deductions if you buy a home
  8. The home will be your home and paying rent will stop forever.   
  9. Buying offers protection from rising yearly rental housing costs.
  10. It is less risky now as prices are at or near the bottom
  11. It is like a forced savings account.  
  12. Home repair and upgrades cost less now as remodelers are hungry for work.
  13. As an Owner you can make the house a real home any way you want.
  14. Someday soon the market will adjust up and these deals will be gone forever.
  15. There are many more ways to finance a home today, with No Banks Needed

Here are the facts  

We have homes where NO BANKS ARE NEEDED for the financing at below market prices that we can put you in today!

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Here’s How You Can Own Your Own Home Today!

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Here’s How You Can Own Your Own Home Today!

Without the high costs, time delays, and hassles of the traditional home buying process!

Do you dream about owning a home? Would you like to stop putting your hard earned money into a place you no longer want to live? Want to stop sending your money down the drain or paying rent ? We can show you how you can buy your own home without the high costs, long drawn out process, and stacks of paperwork the traditional real estate market requires.

We offer flexible, exciting purchase programs that help you buy right now! Simply contact us and we will show you just how easy it can be to own your own home! It’s time to stop dreaming and let us help you make that dream come true!

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Here’s How Easy It Is

We offer No Bank Financing which allows us to quickly help people qualify everyday to own their own home. We work with all levels of credit, people who are self employed, various levels of down payments (sometimes even zero down payment!) and many other challenges that many sellers just can’t handle. Whether you choose our Owner Financing, Lease Option, or Work for Equity program, you will be able to move now and enjoy your new home until we can help you qualify for traditional financing. We promise that nobody will work harder than we will to get you into a home!

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