About Ideal Georgia Homes

We Love putting deals together. Helping people achieve their dreams and goals of home ownership is a primary goal at www.idealgeorgiahomes.com. We help first time buyers that need a little guidance and people buying their Dream House at www.sellorbuyhouses.com. We also help people sell their houses quickly. This is a difficult market and stressful times; we put buyers and sellers together and take most of the stress out by providing solutions to problems. Mark and Pam are Members of groups that include GAREIA, National Association of Independent Landlords, Ronald Reagan Gold Medal Winner, Business Man of the Year, Certified Probate Specialist, International Whos Who of Professionals, Business Advisory Council Member, ACBSP(Buying and Selling Prof.)Also a member of Real Estate Investing, Performing & Non Performing Notes for sale., Wholesaling Houses in a Recession, Georgia Real Estate Investor Association, SMART (South Metro Area Real Estate Training), Certified for Renovate, Repair, and Painting in Georgia and several others.    We also also enjoy family, Church, and friends. We are always ready to help you become a home owner.