Where Can I / We Get The $5000 Up Front Fee or payment Needed to Buy a Home?

There are many ways to come up with the cash needed to buy a home and believe me, any short term sacrifice needed to optain the up front fee will be money well spent as the tax advantages of owning a home are a huge benefit.


  1. Cash on hand
  2. Bank Savings or Checking Account
  3. Borrow it From: Parents, Brother, Relative, Friend
  4. Cash from: jewelry, coins, refrigerator, funiture
  5. Loan from your 401-K (Pay yourself back)
  6. IRA  ( must be in and out in 60 days)
  7. Self directed Roth IRA you receive a loan from someone that has this type account 
  8. Credit Union
  9. Pawn a car, truck, boat, 4-wheeler, etc.
  10. Stock or Bonds
  11. US Government Savings Bonds
  12. Overtime Work and or Pay
  13. Tax Refund
  14. Tax Credits (up to $8000 new home owner)
  15. Advance on pay at work
  16. Lottery Winnings (just kidding)
  17. Get a second job for a while
  18. Do a Day Care or Child Care for a while
  19. Life insurance policy
  20. Have a Renter move in
  21. Hard Money Lender
  22. 0% Credit Card offer or other Credit Card Advance
  23. What can you Trade or sell?
  24. Get the Deposit back on your Current Residence
  25. Fishing equipment, snowboarding, instruments, piano, etc.


It is up to you but, the sooner you have the cash, the

 sooner you can own a new home! Now is a great time

 to get a deal that comes with tax breaks!

Go to www.idealgeorgiahomes.com and pick out your new Home!!

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